Publishing value based books

To ensure that children should not forget the values that our culture has cherished over the centuries, Shri Heggade launched the publication of books dedicated to great spiritual, mythological and historical personalities.

However the purpose this exercise will not be achieved by just publishing books. To ensure that they are not left unread, teachers are encouraged to familiarize themselves first. They then distribute these beautiful books among the children with the caution that they will be expected to participate in competitions based on the contents of the books. The enthusiasm from this great movement is reflected in the fact that over 6,62,000 students have participated in these competitions so far.

Publication of more than 16,00,000copies of Kannada moral education books in the last years to be distributed for High School students. Competitions are held every year for the students on topics selected on moral themes and prizes awarded to the best students in each school for propogation fo moral, ethical values in students.

Post-card Art competition is held annually for the students and the public to promote art and awareness on the subject of competition.


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