From time immemorial music has helped people to express their devotion to God. Great composer saints have created compositions in praise of the Lord, most of them soaked in the love and devotion they had for their favourite deities.

Chanting of these hymns and compositions in a chorus by a group of people is called Bhajan in the Hindu culture. Over the centuries, groups of Bhajan Singers have helped bind the communtity in a strong bond of one-ness.

Perhaps this inspired Shri Veerendra Heggade to intiate the villagers to participate and develop Bhajans as part of their routines. Masters known for their rendering of Bhajans were invited to teach groups of villagers to perform together. These trained groups in turn taught others in their villages this sublime form of devotion.

What started as an experiment, has gathered momentum. It is not uncommon to see groups performing Bhajans in the village temples or in the center of a village where everyone gets together to celebrate the glory of God.

Infact, Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala conducts Bhajan Shivirs(camps) where various groups come and perform. Sometimes even competitions are organized to inculcate the spirit of excellence.

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